Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold on Wall Board

Mold is a horrible thing to have in your home. Use a certified company to remove mold from your home as soon as you see it. Mold problems occurs because of moisture. You may have a water leak in your home from a broken pipe.

Bathroom Mold Damage

After mold was discovered under the bathroom sink, SERVPRO responded to begin mold remediation.  The mold had grown significantly from a small water leak in the wall.  The entire bathroom was torn out and rebuilt. 

Mold Flooring Damage

After a water loss in this Utah home, there was significant mold damage found after mitigation.  The water had sat on the floor for numerous hours causing fungus to grow.  The team at SERVPRO has special cleaning techniques for mold remediation. 

Mold and Water Damage

This ceiling had significant water damage.  Mold was growing where water was present for a long period of time.  The team at SERVPRO responded and removed the drywall and cleaned the mold and restored the ceiling back to pre mold conditions. 

Mold found on Studs

After the drywall was torn out of this Utah home, mold was discovered by the home owners.  They immediately contacted SERVPRO for their mold remediation specialist.  They were able to use special cleaning techniques to remove the mold safety. 

Mold Left Overtime

This is a perfect example of mold being left in a home over time. This is an extreme example though. Things like this don't happen very often. But when you do see things like this, we can help. This example is from a home that was bought to flip and we were called in to fix the mold.