Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage Demo

After a severe storm hit the area, this home suffered from water damage from the storm.  SERVPRO responded for storm clean up procedures.  They tore out drywall down to the studs for drying and preparing for rebuild. 

Storm Damage to Laundry Room

After a storm to this home, there was storm damage to the roof causing water to leak into the ceiling and into the floor of this laundry room.  There was a significant amount of water in the floor.  SERVPRO responded and began mitigation procedures.  The room was restored back to pre storm conditions. 

Storm Ceiling Damage in Utah

After significant amount of snow on the roof from a storm this ceiling suffered from the weight.  The ceiling was tore out by the team at SERVPRO and rebuilt back to normal conditions. 

Utah Snow Storm Loss

After a severe snow storm in Utah, this home suffered from damage from the signifiant snow fall. There was snow covering the entire yard and roof.  SERVPRO responded immediately and was able to clean up from snow and water damage. 

Roof Damage after a Storm

After a storm hit the Utah area, SERVPRO came out to asses the damage.  There was missing shingles on the roof from wind damage.  The home owners  were able to get a total roof replacement.

Storm Water Damage

This laundry room suffered from water loss after a storm.  The storm winds caused roof damage and the rain water leaked through the ceiling flooding the area.  SERVPRO responded and quickly extracted the water from the floor.